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Music Release Timeline

1986-1988: Black Sea International Jazz Festival, Costinesti.

1986-1990: Sibiu International Jazz Festival (Winner Grand Prix prize in 1990).

1989: The Radio Concert Hall, Bucharest, featuring Decebal Badila.

1991: Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat, Israel. 1992: Beit Lesing, Israel.

1993: Byblos Club, with Arale Kaminsky, Bob Moses and Asaf Sirkis.

1993: Released ‘Changes’. 1993: Haifa Jazz Festival, The Saddle, featuring Peter Wertheimer and Asaf Sirkis.

1999: Created own label TerraceUpdate.

1999: Released ‘After Was Before’

2000: Released ‘Excerpt from three worlds’

2003: Guest at Iridium, New York City, on a bill including John Scofield and Wayne Shorter, and unexpected guest Pat Metheny.

2005: Toronto Convention Centre, performs with Courtney Byron Ensemble, featuring Rosemary Galloway.

2005: Released ‘Quizzare Pictorials’.

2007: TMA of AFM Hall with Byron Ensemble.

2008: Gia and Royce Fay record and remix ‘Demiurge By Default (Mind Over Matter)’ for the album Xcrewsciating by the band Slick Idiot.

2008: Released ‘Debate’.

2010: Released ‘The Purpose & Some Recalls’. 2

010: Released ‘The Piano of Love’.

2010: Released ‘Metamorph Math’.

2011: Gia and The Unpredictable Update headline at Hugh’s Room, Toronto.

2011: Gia and the Unpredictable Update perform and record a concert at The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, released as the album Anatomical Signatures in 2012.

2011-2014: Appearances on The Liquid Lunch TV Show.

2012: Released ‘Anatomical Signature’.

2012: Released ‘The Son of Anatomical Signature’.

2012: Released ‘Variable Victor’.

2012: Gia and The Unpredictable Update numerous performances at The Rex Jazz Club, on the list of “Best 100 Jazz Clubs of All Times”.

2012: Collaborations with Chick Corea, John Patitucci, Antonio Sanchez and Bernie Kirsch.

2012: Toronto Jazz Festival at Gate 403. Appearances on ‘That Channel’ TV Show.

2013: Celebrations for the Chinese New Year at the Living Arts Centre of Mississauga featured Gia & The Unpredictable Update.

2013: Performance for the “History of Jazz” series at the Waterfront Community Center.

2013: Gia and The Unpredictable Update tour China. Performs at Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, and play seven shows in four Chinese cities.

2013: ‘Anatomical Signatures’ and ‘The Son of Anatomical Signatures’ are inducted in the Musical Heritage of Canada.

2013: Show at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, produced by Leonardo Pavkovic, Sunnie Sun and Matthew Garrison, featuring Mino Cinelu, Mauro Pagani, Johnny Johnson, Clint Bahr, Beledo and Kim Plainfield.

2013: Released ‘Stratagem’.

2014: Interview and documentary about Gia Ionesco for TVR International for the show The World and Us.

2014: Gia and the Unpredictable Update tour China, performs at Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shunde Festivals. 

2015: Performed at Adelaide Hall, Toronto, Trio with Virgil Donati and Pat Kilbride. Live recording of CD ‘Incentrance’.

2016: Released three CDs: ‘Incentrance’, ‘Far Forward’, and ‘The Voyage of Uncle Clue’.


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