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Alex St. Kitts is a Toronto born composer and musician; he is one of the most in demand 20-something electric bassists in the city.

Alex began playing bass at the age of sixteen after watching Canada’s most prestigious bassist Pat Kilbride.  After only one year of bass study, he auditioned and got accepted at Humber College for the Contemporary Music Degree and subsequently had the honor of studying with the greats such as Mike Downes, Pat Kilbride, Pat LaBarbera, Mark Rogers, Vaughan Misner and many more.  Amidst his time at Humber, he has received three scholarship awards for excellence and proficiency in Music. He has finished the program and now has a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Music.

He has had the honor and pleasure of performing with such bands as The George St. Kitts Band, The Sara Dell Band, Dylan Murray, KC Roberts, and Brownman Ali’s Electryc Trio, D-Sisive, Purple Revolution and many more.  Notable achievements have been playing with such greats as Mike Stern, Chris Potter, and the LaBarbera Brothers.

Alex has been playing around the Toronto scene, in various settings, and has also played in England, and many places in the U.S.  He is currently working on some new projects, including his group “The Astro Droids” with fellow members Robin Claxton and Will Hebbes and “MOONWALKER: The Michael Jackson Tribute”.

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