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Gia & The Unpredictable Update is built around the virtuosic musical skill and imagine compositions of keyboardist and band leader Gia Ionesco. His talents have attracted the attention of the cream of the crop of Toronto Jazz players. The all-star cast of The Unpredictable Update comprises of saxophonist Pat LaBarbera (Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones), guitarist Reg Schwager (Diana Krall, George Shearing), saxophonist Johnny Johnson (Holly Cols, Molly Johnson), bassist Pat Kilbride (Rik Emmett, David Braid), percussionist Joaquin Hidalgo, percussionist Alan Heatherington (Nexus, Vuja De), drummer Wilson Laurencin (Marc Jordan, Victor Wooten) and saxophonist Clifford Ojala. 

Gia & The Unpredictable Update also performs in various ensemble, performed with many renowned musicians such as saxophonist Kirk Macdonald, Alex Dean, Andy Ballantyne; bassist Alex St.Kitts; trumpetist Bruce Cassidy.

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